Erskine Betts - Licensed North Carolina Home Inspector 

Serving the Greater Research Triangle Park Area of North Carolina



A home inspection is intended to provide a better understanding of the physical condition of the property.

My home inspection reports are an objective visual examination of the property’s accessible components including:

  • Structure: Foundation, Crawl Space, Floor, Walls, Roof, Attic
  • Roofing:  Sloped Roofing, Flat Roofing, Chimneys, Flashing, Skylights, Gutters
  • Exterior: Walls, Doors, Windows, Porches, Garages, Decks, Walkways, Steps, Railings, Driveways, Drainage
  • Electrical:  Service Entry, Electrical Panels, Distribution Wiring, Outlets, Lights, Switches, Smoke Detectors
  • Heating & Air Conditioning:  Furnaces, Heat Pumps, Air Conditioning, Ductwork, Thermostats
  • Plumbing:  Water Heater, Supply Piping, Waste Piping, Fixtures
  • Insulation & Ventilation:  Attics, Walls, Crawl Spaces
  • Interior:  Walls, Floors, Doors, Windows, Stairways,  Counters, Cabinets
  • Appliances: Built-in Kitchen Appliances, Laundry area, Door Bell
  • Fireplace: Firebox, Hearth, Blower

My inspection reports are detailed.  I make recommendations for items needing repair, routine maintenance, safety concerns and typical upgrades.  I also identify areas of concern that require further professional evaluation.  My inspection reports include digital captioned pictures, line drawing schematics, video clips, functional links to pertinent information on the web, maintenance advice and information about radon, carbon monoxide and other matters that pertain to a particular property.

Inspection Fees

House Size (sq. ft.)                                                      Fee ($)

Less than 1500                                                             $445

1500 - 2000                                                                   $475

2000 - 2500                                                                   $500

2500 - 3000                                                                   $525

3000 - 3500                                                                   $565

3500 - 4000                                                                   $600

4000 - 4500                                                                   $650

4500 - 5000                                                                   $700

>5000                                                                            TBA

if >30 years old                                                             +$30

if >50 years old                                                             +$75

if >100 years old                                                           +$100

Additional Buildings                                                       +$250

to pay at closing                                                            +$35

Military Discount                                                            -10%